January Devotional











Each person brought in the New Year in a unique manner, but one common tradition is creating a New Year's Resolution. 
This year I'd like to suggest that to better reflect Christ, each of us reading this become more like....an infant. Yes, we're traveling back in time.
My close relative met my newborn nephew for the first time today! He was born early in the morning on December 23rd. Right now, as is common with newborns, he is extremely dependent upon his parents for...well, most everything!
My visiting relative mentioned how some animals are born with the ability to stand right up; obviously not so with humans! I was tempted to sit and ponder that fascinating fact longer, but instead went on entertaining our company, storing it away for later perusal.
That is a very thought-provoking point. Even from, and especially from, Day #1, human beings are very dependent creatures! As time goes by, we gather a bunch of tools in our belts that equip us for life's many hurdles. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we may start to think we're all that and a bag of chips - in other words, we think we're quite self-sufficient beings.
Now back to the concept of the New Year's Resolution:
It'd be great for all of us to take a reminder from my infant nephew of how helpless we really are, when compared to the Creator & Master of our universe and of us as well.
Perhaps this can be the year for you and I to remind ourselves as often as possible of how much we're like that baby. In other words, we need to remember (some of us) how very helpless we are!
Thank goodness we have a caring Heavenly Father Who watches out for us. 

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