National Missions

Curt and Jeanna Wolf Family: Navigators, Colorado Springs, CO

The Navigators is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry that helps people grow in Jesus Christ as they navigate through life.  The organization brings help, hope, and healing to missionary staff within the Navigators and other missions so they can maximize their contributions to the Kingdom. Navigators seeks to bring emotional, spiritual, relational, and vocational help to missionary staff, their children, and the people they serve. They do this through counseling, peacemaking, restoration, and vocational assessment and advising. They also provide leadership development, assess new staff applicants, provide Sabbatical coaching, and other services.  Much of what the Wolfs do is in response to needs, but they also train via conferences and look forward to spending time directly with staff in the field.

Fred & Dana Andre: Bridges International a division of Campus Crusade for Christ


To reach the 1,000,000 international students who study in the United States each year.  Their desire is to share Christ with them, disciple those who respond, and train them to minister to others both in the U.S. and in their own countries.

The Andres provide conference training throughout the year for four people groups: Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Japanese students.  They also provide a comprehensive coaching program which can help individuals or churches navigate the design, launch and development aspects of international student ministry.  They direct the ministry for Washington DC and Baltimore, which includes reaching out to Muslim students from the 10/40 window.  Over 16,000 international students attend school in and around these two cities.  The Andres also help with organizing and teaching a national conference every year.