Current Sermon Series


Summer Sermon Series:

"Praying the Psalms" 

The Book of Psalms has for millennia been a source of comfort and strength for countless people. Why is that? Eugene Peterson suggests this reason:

"I need a language that is large enough to maintain continuities and supple enough to express nuances across a lifetime that brackets child and adult experiences, and courageous enough to explore all the countries of sin and salvation, mercy and grace, anxiety and trust, unbelief and faith that comprise the human condition. The Psalms are this large, supple and courageous language. Everything that a person can possibly feel, experience, and say, is brought into expression before God in the Psalms."

Join us this summer as we explore various Psalms that help us as we pray, giving us a vocabulary to express the full gamut of our emotions as we face both the joys and challenges of life.