Current Sermon Series


Current Sermon Series:

"The Advent Conspiracy"

Historically, the season of Advent was not intended to be the run-up to Christmas in the sense that we think of today. It was designed to be the season that looked forward, not to the birth of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, but to the second coming of Christ. Advent locates the church in between Jesus' first and second coming times, in a world where there is still much darkness - it's a season therefore that encourages the church to take an unflinching inventory of darkness, to reflect on the anguish, pain and hopelessness that is all around us, and to help one another face up to the truth about this world and ourselves. 

So this month we're going to endeavor to revisit the historical meaning and significance of Advent - not because we like the darkness, but because in delaying Christmas we get to experience its light in all its fullness, splendor and beauty when it finally comes! Come join with us as we watch and wait for the coming King.