Visitor FAQs

What should I expect to find at a Sunday service?

When we meet together, our focus is always on finding out what God says to us in the Bible, responding to that message and encouraging each other to follow Jesus. As we aim to do these things you'll find that we sing, pray, read, listen, talk, laugh, cry, give, love.  The service runs 75-90 minutes each Sunday.

The 'listening' bit...that's a sneaky way of referring to a long sermon, right?

That depends on your definition of 'long'! The sermon each week seeks to explain a passage in the Bible and how that relates to our work, our relationships, our struggles...our lives. We believe that God has promised that when we open up the Bible, read it and have it explained, God is actually speaking to us. That is a magnificent promise! Oh, yes, the's usually 30-35 minutes.

What if I don't agree with what I hear in the sermon?

That's permitted! We aim to be a community of Christians with whom it is 'safe' to come and learn about the Christian faith. We actually expect (even hope!) that each week people will join us who don't agree with us but who are trying to better understand who Jesus is, what he claims about himself and what he came to do.

Do I have to sing?

No, not at all. It's perfectly fine to listen. We would encourage you if you're not singing to still think deeply about the words of the songs and what they mean.

Do I need to dress up to attend a service?

You'll find a mix of dress styles on a Sunday morning, from jeans and tee-shirt to suit and tie.

Will you be asking me for money?

Every Sunday we give a financial offering which enables us to minister to one another and to people outside our church family. We see this as a response to God's gift of amazing grace to us. We make a point of explaining that the offering is a means for members and regular attenders to support our ministry and that those visiting should feel under no pressure to give - visitors are our guests with no strings attached!

Where is the church located?

Our church buildings are located in the heart of historic Kennett Square in Chester county, Pennsylvania.  Click here for directions.  We realize that street parking around the church is very limited on Sunday mornings.  Other nearby parking options for Sunday are the DNB parking lot on Cypress Street and also the municipal parking lot behind the post office and library (where there are plenty of spaces).  The municipal lot is free on Sunday.  Cars may also be parked on Cypress Street.